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How To Design A Press Kit To Increase Publicity For Your Brand

How to Create a Press Kit That Gets Publicity for Your Business

If you are able to have your brand or business featured in a major publication (newspaper or magazine) or high-traffic website, the pay-off can be enormous. Have a think of what it would be like to have one of the largest magazines or websites in the world give you free publicity to millions of people. Not only would your sales numbers go through the roof, but the trust and credibility that would be established by being featured alongside these companies would give your brand or business a huge step-up into being a trusted and reputable company.

But what exactly can you do in order to potentially have a website or publication publish content about your brand or business? With a press kit.


What Exactly Is A Press Kit?

A Press Kit is simply a page on your website which contains information for publishers and reporters to access resources relating to your brand. It allows these people to quickly learn

about your brand and products, and access marketing material (such as photos) and contact information for them to use in their publications. However, a Press Kit is not only for reporters and publishers – every successful business will have one incorporated into their own marketing plan.

You should know though, that having a Press Kit will not guarantee your business publicity, but it will make your job so much more easier if you do create one. By doing most of the work up front, reporters and publishers will be more likely to use that information as they do not have to perform any further research – it is all in front of them. What you should do is make the link to your Press Kit easily accessible to your visitors too.


What Defines A Good Press Kit?

There are 5 essential that you must include in your press kit. These are:

Your Story – explain how you and your business came to be, and what your vision for the future is.

Company Facts – the basic information of how long you have been in business, how many customers you have served so far, where you are located, and so on.

High-Quality Logo and Images – always use professional and high-quality images for publishers and reporters to use, and if you are able to, include a link to download the original image in vector format.

Your Staff – share the story of your staff (if you have any), similar to Your Story.

Samples of Other Press Releases – if your business has received any press in the past, include some samples of it here to show people that your business is credible and worth publishing information about.

There are also some optional resources that you can include in your press kit if applicable to you or your business. These can include providing a separate email address exclusively for publications and reporters to contact you; images of any awards you have received or any recognition you may have received from the community or other business or publications; and, you may consider listing any community or volunteer work that you or your business are involved in.



You have been given the essential information of which you can use to now go and make a press kit for yourself now. If you do not currently have one, consider making one because the rewards can be well worth the time put into making one. If you do already have a Press Kit, consider reviewing it based on what we have just learnt and see if there is anything that you can do better.

How Great Customer Service Makes Life-long Customers

How Great Customer Service Turns First-time Shoppers into Lifetime Fans

Once your business is up and running and you have spent a large amount of time and money bringing customers into your business, it will be time for you to start focusing on keeping those customers with your business. But how can we try to ensure that our customers remain that loyal to our brand?

I had a look at a thread on Reddit titled “What company has forever won your business”, and found a large discussion group of Redditors sharing thousands of stories about what their favourite brands and businesses have done in order to win them over. What seems to be the largest driving factor at the core of these stories was great customer service.

I want to show you five ways that you can offer your customers great customer service and make them customers for life.


Honesty And Integrity

The Redditor /u/MattAlbie6‘s mechanic won his loyalty by breaking his car:

“He broke something on my car once on accident that wasn’t a big deal and I never, ever, ever would have noticed on my own, but he replaced it on his own dime for like $300. It was a button or switch or something. He could have kept his mouth shut and I’d have never known about it, but he’s a solid guy and was honest”.

What is important here for you to take out of this story is to be honest with your customers. Do not lie to them and do not make promises that you can’t deliver or can only half-meet. The foundations of trust are built upon the principles of honesty and integrity, so try and incorporate both into every encounter with your customers.


Always Reward You Customer’s For Their Loyalty

The Redditor /u/PainkillerSC became a “customer for life” with Logitech:

“Gave me 50% off a 300€ G27 Steering wheel after i told them my EIGHT year old, 6 year out-of-warranty MOMO wheel was dying. Gave me 50% off a G400 when i told them my 7 year old MX518’s scroll wheel was dying. And then gave me a new one free without even asking for the broken one back when the scroll wheel stopped working for some reason”

It is important that your reward your customers for being loyal to your brand and it’s products. This may not always mean that you have to offer them discounts if you cannot afford to, so think of some other ways that you can say “thank you” to your customers for staying with you and your brand.


Never Under-Deliver

The Redditor /u/i-n-joyfilm goes out of his way to stay loyal to his deli:

“There is this deli I rarely go to since it is in the opposite part of town, but if I’m in the area, I make sure to stop by and get a chicken gyro. They ask how much chicken you want in it, and stop only when you say so”.

The lesson here is that you should always try to over-deliver and exceed your customer’s expectations. This creates a unique and very rewarding experience for your customers which will not only mean that they will spend more money, but will also be telling their friends and family all about their amazing experiences – leading into potentially more customers through the free power of word-of-mouth.


Engage With Your Customers Often

The Redditor /u/CharlieBuck loves mollusc-inspired gaming accessories:

“Squidgrip. It’s a wrap you put on your Xbox or ps3 controllers. It’s designed to eliminate sweating. The company is extremely customer oriented and very friendly. They do giveaways all the time and interact with their customers/fans through social media like Twitter. You can tell they care about the consumer”.

Maintaining a strong presence on social media is a very powerful way for your customers to feel welcome and needed – as if they are a part of your business more than being just customers. A very good strategy is to actually respond to the posts that your customers are sharing with you, remembering that the key to any successful business is to build lasting relationships with your customers.


Always Be Consistent

The Redditor /u/Hoodafakizit is very blunt with what he wants:

“No company will forever win my business. They need to earn it and keep earning it. I want good quality product, good quality service and a company that treats its employees and local environment properly. As long as they keep doing this, I’ll be a very faithful customer; if they make a change for the worse, then it’s goodbye”.

You should always remember that most customers are not going to become loyal exclusive to your business straight away. Like any other aspect of building a relationship with somebody, you must lay down the foundations of loyalty and integrity, exceeding the customers expectations consistently, before they will trust you enough to become loyal only to your brand.


It will take some time, but follow these five simple strategies, and the reward will be well worth it.

Launching A Business Online


The launch stage of your business is one of the most important stages for your business. Launch successfully, and you will ensure a strong degree of success, but fail to plan right, and you may struggle sharing your business with the world. Let’s have a look at the major steps required when launching your business online.


The Landing Page

Think about when a movie is about to be released. Generally, a simple one-page website is released to promote the film. The purpose of this is to generate credibility, start build a desire and anticipation amongst your customers, gives a location for your customers to come back for more information after the movie has been released, and can capture contact information from people who want to stay “in-the-loop” of the latest news released. The same rules apply for our business. Three landing page creators which stand out for you to use in order to create a great landing page include:

Launchrock (FREE) – easy to use with several templates ready to incorporate onto your website, but can be rather limited in options for customization if you do not know how to edit CSS.

Strikingly ($18 per month) – very easy to use and offers a FREE 14 day trial. There is a free option for life, but you will be stuck with Strikingly branding. Best to pay the $18 in my opinion.

Unbounce ($49 per month) – the leading landing-page creator with heaps of functionality, options and templates. This should be your “go-to” generator. Definitely worth the $49 per month.

Whilst we are creating our landing page, we should also consider the following design elements:


Eye-catching image

Elevator Pitch

Lead Capture

Social Channels

An example which uses all of the above in a simple and easy-to-use format is as follows:

Finch Goods Co. Landing Page - How to launch a business


Using Social Media

Once your landing page has been created and has gone live, you should consider building a strong social media presence at the same time which will greatly assist you in driving traffic to your site and spreading the news in the greater networks of your followers. Make sure that you use a consistent design theme between your website and social media accounts. For example:


Finch Goods Co. Facebook Page Set Up - How to launch a business


Finch Goods Co. Twitter Account - How to launch a business


Finch Goods Co. Instagram Setup - How to launch a business

But before you start making accounts on these social media platforms, you should use KnowEm, which will show you whether or not the name you are planning to use is available on all three social media networks. You really want to avoid the problem of having different names on each which will only create confusion and potentially a lack of trust between your customers.


Building A Social Network

Building a strong social media presence can be difficult for some, especially when starting out. Most people will only like or follow and account if it already has a large following, so how do we build this following? There are a few ways. The first can be to identify your competitors and then reach out to their customers of whom will be interested in what you have to offer. Alternatively, you can consider using a service like Fiverr to purchase friends. For $5 you can potentially purchase several hundred to tens of thousands of followers. Although fake, the message will be conveyed that your business or brand is popular and can be trusted, which will ultimately bring in “real” customers of whom you can interact and engage with.


Apps For Building A Social Media Network

There are 3 great tools which you should check out when building your social media network:

Hootsuite (FREE) – allows you to manage multiple accounts, identify the popularity of hashtags and keywords, and allows you to schedule posts. This tool is a must if you are trying to manage several social media accounts at once.

Buffer App (FREE) – allows you to schedule tweets and does a much better job than Hootsuite.

JustUnfollow ($9.99 per month) – awesome for building your Twitter and Instagram networks. Allows you to copy the followers from your competition and see who of these are not following you back. By seeing who is not following you, you can reach out to them in order to build your social media network.


Always Ask For Feedback!

The key to a successful business is to always make sure that you are adjusting and redeveloping all areas of your business in order to keep the customer happy. If you are starting to notice certain area’s of your brand that is not doing as well as others, determine if it is worthwhile to devote any more time on it, or redevelop it and measure the new results. A lot will be trial and error until everything runs smoothly, but always listen to what your customers are saying. The most successful brands and businesses out there will always continue to evolve in order to keep up with and satisfy the ever changing demands of the consumer.

5 Psychological Design Tactics You Should Use Now

5 Psychological Design Tactics that Make Brains Tick and Visitors Click

Design is everything when it comes to the first impressions that your customers have when landing on your website. Everything from the colour schemes, to the design of the buttons they press, even the pictures that you use. This is why we must understand what people want from a psychological perspective to ensure that we give them a lasting impression which will lead to repeat business.


Design With Humans In Mind

Many brands and businesses tend to try and design the most stunning websites using everything that they think looks good, but when the customer sees it, they hate it. Why? Because the business has not taken into account the fact that the design should be around what the customer wants to see and experience.

For example, take a look at the website Craigslist. It does not have all of the bells and whistles of stunning design that most would think, but that is not its purpose. All customers need to do is either post an ad or find an ad – thats it. The same applies to Reddit. These websites work extremely well because they include only what is functional and most necessary for the customer. Simplicity is a very powerful tool when you are trying to differentiate from your competition.


Using Colour To Influence Emotions

There has been a lot of argument and debate over the Colour Theory – that is, certain colours will invoke certain moods and emotions, which ultimately will influence the decisions that people make when exposed to them.

However, there has been some very promising studies which found that:

Red: Increases heart rate, creates sense of urgency, often associated with sales.

Blue: Creates the sensation of trust and security, often associated with banks.

Green: Often associated with wealth, easiest colour for the eye to process.


Hick’s Law Of Keeping It Simple

We all know the pain of standing in the supermarket trying to decide which item to pick when there are 50 more of similar quality and price and end up giving up in frustration and not purchasing anything. The same will happen to your customers if you present them with too many options on your website. Too many links, too many products, too many pictures and they will probably end up leaving too and not purchase anything from you. Have a look at the highly successful sites such as Twitter and Facebook. How easy are they to use? Very easy!

Here’s an example of Shopify in 2010. Note how cluttered it looks.

Now have a look at Shopify today. Much better.

We Live In A Mobile World

It may not be long now, given the very fast advancement of mobile technology, that desktops and laptops will be made obsolete. This is why you must ensure that you employ the same effort and factors of simplicity into your mobile website design.


We Trust Happy People

We have all heard that a smile is contagious. Not only this, but emotions too can affect the moods of others quite powerfully. A study showed that we have cells in our brain whose only purpose is to respond when we see another human face. We can use this to our advantage in the photos that we choose to incorporate on our website. Think engagement with eyes facing the customer, or a happy person pointing at them. Or look at this website which has a strong call to action on its main page:




Integral to our design process should be understanding the basic human mind. By incorporating the above psychological tactics, we can ensure that we are doing the best that we can to engage with our customers.

How To Use Instagram To Get A Huge Following

How To Get A Ton Of Followers On Instagram

Building a large network of followers on social media is not that hard, but when it comes to building a network of real followers within your target market or niche area we must look at a few things differently.

Instagram is probably one of the best channels for marketing for online businesses. A recent study showed that brands have a 25% higher engagement rate on Instagram over other social media networks. Coupled with the highly visual nature of the site and this high level of engagement, Instagram is the ideal platform for you to be able to effectively showcase and display your brand and products.

But how can we take advantage of this engagement and build a network of quality followers? We are going to look at how to steal followers from our competitors, how to get highly-successful accounts to market our business, how to gain hundreds of new followers per day, and how to ensure that every post that we put out is of the highest quality.

But, I must warn you that some of these methods may violate Instagram’s Terms of Use, so please use caution if you are planning on using any of these methods.


Getting More Followers On Instagram

Before we delve into this method, it is important that you know exactly who your target market is. Once you have identified this, you must then go further and understand what they like, what type of photos they post on Instagram, what other people they follow, what they don’t like, and so on. You obviously do not want to waste your time building a network of followers who have absolutely no interest in your brand or what you have to offer.

Preparation Should Be Priority Number One



How To Steal Your Competitors Followers

You should have a good idea who your biggest competitors are by this stage, and if not, you can check out Websta to search for these competitors by using hashtags and keywords which relate to your brand. The good thing about Instagram, is that once you follow an account, it will recommend and additional three large accounts for you to follow. If you add these three, then each will show another three, and so on. In regards to Websta, let’s say that you are starting a sock brand, and had no idea who your competition was. You could search Websta and find the following large accounts:


Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 2.43.10 PM

But How Does This Steal Followers?

Once you follow these accounts, you must then engage with them. Like their photos, comment on their photos, and send them direct messages. An informal study was made whereby a brand followed 100 followers of its competition. A second 100 accounts were followed, except the brand liked one of their photos for each account. A third 100 accounts were followed, except this time when the photo’s were liked, they were also commented on.

What Were The Results?

Follow: 14% followback
Follow + Like: 22% followback
Follow + Like + Comment: 34% followback

Even Austen (the $4,000 worth of neckties) used a similar method to achieve these sales. He said:

“After about a day of experimentation and testing, we found the method that works the best. We called it “follow like like like.” The process is simple – go to the most recent section for the hashtag we chose to target and choose the top picture. Follow that account, go to their photos, and like their most recent three.

Here’s the crazy part: When we did this, the follow-back percentage approached 25%. Meaning for every four people we followed, one would follow us back. And, more importantly, we could see a decent amount of traffic going through to the pre-launch landing page we had set up”.

However, if you do not want to add all of these accounts manually, you can use the program called Crowdfire which allows you to quickly copy your competitions followers. But what about all of the liking and commenting?


Instagress And FollowLiker To Automate Your Instagram Account

Before we look at these two programs, I must again warn you that these may violate the Terms and Conditions of Instagram, so use at your own risk.

If you are looking at generating hundreds of new followers every day, then Instagress and FollowLiker are for you. On average, these programs will generate between 75 and 250 new followers, leading into 2,250 and 7,500 every month! Instagress is a web-based tool which is quick to learn and costs only $10 per month after a free 3 day trial period. On the other hand, FollowLiker is a software application (which costs $60), and much more powerful than Instagress (and a little harder for Instagram to detect that something is wrong).

Instagress Instagram Automation


Buying Fake Followers On Instagram

There is a very good reason to purchase fake followers on Instagram. If you are planning on launching a very successful brand or business, it is going to be very hard to build a large enough network in the early stages for potential followers to see you as credible and worth following. However, if you purchase a couple of hundred or thousand followers, suddenly your account looks popular and credible to the eyes of your potential followers.

Probably the best place to purchase these followers is on Fiverr. For just $5 you can purchase anywhere from a few hundred to tens of thousands of followers for your account.


Using Sponsorship To Promote Your Brand

You will generally make it big on Instagram when very large accounts post reviews about your brand. When this happens, your brand is exposed to potentially hundreds of thousands of people (on the higher scale). But how do we do this? Let’s refer back to our preparation stage where we used Websta to identify accounts within our niche or target market. In the search results in this case, we should be looking for accounts that have an email address in the profile (which generally means that they are open to email requests about sponsorship) and a large following from 20,000 to more than 500,000.

You should email these accounts and ask them what they charge for sponsorship posting. For example:

Rates of Sponsored Posts on Instagram

But, if your brand or market is more niche and unique, you can even consider sending them a sample of your actual product so that they can perform a product review. Budget permitting, you should try and spend a little more for the largest accounts to give you sponsorship, as you have the potential to have a large flood of followers. Check out this example of sponsorship right at product launch:

Traffic from Sponsored IG Post

Considering that this account started with 10 followers at launch, which sky-rocketed to more than 3,500 after obtaining sponsorship by an account which had 500,000 followers.


Ensuring That Every Post Is Of High Standard

You should always use a hashtag in every post that you make, and try to make sure that these hashtags target your niche and target market area. But what hashtags should we use? We can use Websta again to see what the current top 20 hashtags are on Instagram:

1. #love 828,451,607 posts
2. #instagood 374,170,765 posts
3. #me 343,760,607 posts
4. #tbt 322,079,027 posts
5. #cute 305,706,713 posts
6. #follow 302,248,668 posts
7. #followme 289,198,038 posts
8. #photooftheday 285,237,310 posts
9. #happy 271,308,895 posts
10. #tagsforlikes 268,962,378 posts
11. #beautiful 257,416,501 posts
12. #selfie 243,917,339 posts
13. #girl 238,495,540 posts
14. #picoftheday 207,237,517 posts
15. #like4like 199,873,203 posts
16. #smile 198,703,484 posts
17. #friends 195,673,248 posts
18. #fun 194,975,779 posts
19. #like 193,577,034 posts
20. #summer 188,933,445 posts

Using one of the above might increase our short-term engagement, but when building a strong brand presence, we need long-term engagement which will lead to sales. To do this, we use Websta to identify the hashtags which relate specifically to our brand:

#sockswag 81,749 posts
2. #socksoftheday 53,550 posts
3. #socksandsandals 32,152 posts
4. #socksofinstagram 16,138 posts
5. #sockswithsandals 9,999 posts
6. #sockswagg 8,189 posts
7. #sockstagram 8,124 posts
8. #socksph 7,878 posts
9. #socksfordays 6,192 posts
10. #socksgame 6,088 posts
11. #socksfetish 5,816 posts
12. #sockselfie 5,773 posts
13. #socksandsandles 5,156 posts
14. #socksneon 5,091 posts
15. #socksrock 3,517 posts

Instagram allows for a maximum of 30 hashtags per post, and popularity of these tags are constantly changing, so make sure that you keep doing your research to stay ahead of the pack.


High Quality Photos

The second part of ensuring that we are delivering high-quality posts, is to ensure that our photo’s are also up to that standard. We can achieve this by using filters.

The 10 most popular filters on Instagram at the moment are:

  1. Normal (No Filter)
  2. Valencia
  3. X-Pro II
  4. Earlybird
  5. Amaro
  6. Rise
  7. Hudson
  8. Lo-fi
  9. Hefe
  10. Sierra

You can use IconoSquare which will show you the effectiveness of engagement on your posts depending on the different filters used.

Instagram FIlter Effectivness


When To Post

We want to be posting at a time that there is going to be the highest-level of engagement to ensure that we do not miss out. IconoSquare can also show us the best times to make our posts:

Most Popular Times For Posting Images

Identifying the best time, we can also use a scheduling app like Schedugram or Latergram to make our posts for us when we may not be able to, ensuring that we are also targeting the optimal time.



Instagram is probably the best social media platform for brands and businesses to market and showcase their brands and products. There are many methods to ensure that our brands and businesses can reach success using what we have discussed, but always make sure that you do not risk having your account closed by violating the Terms and Conditions of Instagram. As effective as these methods are, always do your own research.

Finding Products To Sell Online That Are Trending

Starting a business is the easy part, but where most people get stuck is finding products to sell. It is important to be unique in a very competitive market, and to also sell products that people actually want. But how can you know what products to sell that people are looking for the most right now?

Google Trends Should Be Your New Best Friend

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 4.48.01 PM

Google Trends will show you the total search volume of your product ideas since 2004. What makes it even more useful, is that the tool will also show you the countries and cities that these searches are coming from.

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 4.49.59 PM

Get Yourself A Subscription To Trend Publications

Trend Publications has to be the best place to start your trending search. Although this may not give you direct and exact product ideas, it will assist you in be able to predict the directions that consumers are heading so that you will be able to be in the market at the exactly right time.

Some examples of some pretty good trend publications are as follows –

PSFK – Great list of trending reports which will make things easier for you.

Cool Hunting – An award-winning publication which will identify the latest trends in art and culture, technology, design, style and travel.

The Cool Hunter – Ideal for entrepreneurs and the innovative and creative minded.

UberCool – A vast source of information and product ideas.

Trend Watching – An awesome tool which identifies upcoming consumer trends.

Trend HunterProbably the largest trend community and a powerful source of inspiration for the budding entrepreneur.

Springwise – Their mission statement is to provide three new business ideas everyday. Free to search the last 30 days, but you will need to subscribe should you want to look any further.

Springwise AccessThe subscription-based package of the above, starting from $49/month. You will be able to unlock the entire database of unique product ideas since the companies inception.

Become Familiar With Product Review Blogs

The first place you should look at when brainstorming new product ideas to sell online, as you will have access to information of what is trending now – quite often your imagination will create a new idea just by being inspired by others.

Some great places to start include:





Bless This Stuff

Gear Patrol

Cool Material

Gear Moose



The above list should be a part of your morning reading schedule, but if you are looking for something more specific, check out the following:

Canopy – identifies the most popular and lasting products from Amazon. – Curated by AliExpress and similar to Canopy, in that the products are identified for you instead of you having to search for them.

Social Image Sharing Networks

If you are more of a visually-minded person, then you should definitely check out social image sharing sites. Because you will be looking at so many images at once, your time will be well managed, making it a very efficient way to research.

Some examples of social image sharing networks include:

Pinterest – With over 50 million monthly users, you are sure to find that creative spark.

Polyvore – Access to over 80 million collage-like “sets” of images. Make sure that you also check out the Top Trends page for the latest trends.

Fancy – Full of ideas, Fancy describes itself as part store, part magazine, and part wish list.

Wanelo – Stands for “Want, Need, Love” and brings together stores and products, similar to Pinterest.

Instagram – This list would not be complete without Instagram: the largest image-sharing website on Earth.

Business-To-Business Marketplaces

B2B Marketplaces are like striking gold, because not only can you find awesome products and ideas, but you can also find suppliers to source those products for you at the same time. An example is Alibaba, which is larger than Amazon and eBay combined, and connects you with suppliers from all over the world, although most originate in Asia. You have got to find something from its hundreds and hundreds of thousands of products.

Consumer Marketplaces

Unlike business-to-business marketplaces, consumer marketplaces are for the consumer to find and purchase products. Places like eBay and Amazon are perfect examples, but most people do not know that you are able to look at the trending products from these pages.

On the eBay website, you can check out eBay Popular and eBay Watch Count to show you both the most popular products, and the most popular items which people are “watching”.

On Amazon, you can check out Amazon Bestsellers, updated hourly and shows you the most popular products based on sales, or Amazon Movers and Shakers, also updated hourly, which shows you the most popular gains in the last 24 hours.

Etsy, AliExpress, and Storenvy also all have trending pages worth checking out.

Social Forums

Reddit is the most popular social forum which describes itself as the “front page of the internet”. What makes it so unique and powerful to the aspiring entrepreneur is its subcategories called “subreddits”, which are niche specific and each cater to different areas of interest. There is a tremendous wealth of information if you know where to look within these smaller categories. For example:

Buy It For Life – a subreddit which focuses only on products which last a lifetime.

Shut Up And Take My Money – products that people want right now.

Reddit is also a great tool when it comes to deciphering the massive Amazon marketplace. Check out these subreddits:

The Best of Amazon

The Best of Amazon Canada

The Best of Amazon UK

Cheap Stuff on Amazon

Find It On Amazon

It can also be of great use to you to look at threads where people are being very specific about what they want. Check out:

Reddit, What is One Product Under $20 That You Recommend Everyone To Buy?

What $100 Item Has The Single Greatest Ability to Increase Quality of Life?

Import Products That Are Trending

Duty Calculator Trending Import Products will allow you, acting as an importer, to work out what duty you will have to pay on the imported products. But, is will also allow you to see what is currently trending based on the import and export markets of different countries. For example, you can see what products are being imported from Canada to Australia, or from China to Vietnam. Used in conjunction with AliBaba, you could be a new driving force in the online marketplace.

Where To Look For Product Ideas

How To Generate The Perfect Logo

How To Generate The Perfect Logo

logo design tshirt

In this blog post, I really want to show you the ten best logo generators, templates and makers which will greatly assist you in designing and creating your next logo.

The Importance of Logos

Customers are a lot smarter than they were five years ago when they search online. It is no longer possible for businesses to use SEO keywords in their URL to try and rank at the top of the list of search engine results (i.e., as their attempts will be ignored by the search engine. This is why you must develop a strong brand presence, as customers are now very discerning when it comes to the websites which they choose to visit.

Even though a logo is such a small part of the overall brand, it is the first thing which people see and can ultimately be the deciding factor as to whether or not those people become your customers or even visit your website. The logo alone may not win you sales (you also have to be providing the right product and service to win their trust), but since everybody will see this logo wherever your business goes, you should make sure that it makes a powerful statement.

It was not that long ago that in order to design a logo you had to either make it yourself through very basic clip-art images, or spend several thousand dollars for a professional designer to make one for you. Luckily these days logo design is very affordable, and you have plenty of options to choose from.

I want to show you ten affordable logo generators which I spent around ten minutes on each in order to develop a logo for my website.

Ten Affordable Logo Generators

Creative Market ($5 to $20)

Creative Market has an awesome selection of themes, graphics, photos, fonts and templates, and is generally my “go to” place for top quality designs. It is also my favorite resource for logo templates which are priced from only $5. The only thing that you will need though is Adobe Illustrator to customize the logo templates. To get started, simply search Creative Market for “Logo Template”.

creative logo tshirt

Tailor Brands Logo Generator (Low-Res: FREE / High-Res: $24 to $99)

What makes Tailor so unique is that it will ask you several questions about both your brand and your preference of style before generating six logos for you to select and customize. If you click the back button, it will generate another six logos for you. Tailor is probably in the top three logo generators on the market as the logos which it generates are customized to your needs before you need to adjust or edit them.

logo sets example tshirt-01

Withoomph (To Make: FREE / High-Res: $39 to $78)

This is a very simple online logo generator. All you need to do is enter the name of your business and a few keywords and Withoomph will generate dozens of logos for you.

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Hipster Logo Generator (Low-Res: FREE / High-Res: $5)

This logo generator is definitely not for everyone as it caters mostly to the hipster scene, but it is still able to produce some awesome designs.

Squarespace Logo Generator (To Make: FREE / High-Res: $10)

If you have the time to play around with a logo generator, then Squarespace is definitely for you. And $10 is not that bad of a price either for a quality design.

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GraphicSprings Logo Maker (To Make: FREE / To Buy: $39)

This logo generator is a little hit and miss for me. A lot of work has gone into their beautiful web interface, but unfortunately not in the actual design of the logos.

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Logaster (Low-Res: FREE / High-Res:$10)

If you want a quick logo designed for only $10, then Logaster is for you. However, the designs can be a little boring and generic.

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Logoshi (To Make: FREE / High-Res: $5)

If you have an idea for a logo sketched out, but do not know where to take it from there, then you should check out Logoshi. You simply draw a quick scribble or sketch into the interface and it will create a geometric logo based from your design. You may need to play around a little bit to get the design right though.

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Fiverr (from $5)

Fiverr is an awesome marketplace where you can get in touch with freelancers who will design things for you for $5 (well, in some cases $5 is the starting price). Make sure that you look for designers who have a portfolio on display so you can match with the designer who can design whats best for you. At the end of the day, you are only risking $5 should the design not work out.


A lot of logos in the marketplace are simply what we can call “wordmarks” rather than “logos” because they are simply a type of designer font rather than an image. I think that they work quite well, and many successful brands have used them to great success.


Most fonts are free, however you can look to spend anywhere from $10 and more than $100 for fonts of a higher caliber and allow a degree of customization in their design.

Creative Market has a great selection of paid fonts, but if you are looking for something free, check out: Font Squirrel, DaFont, 1001 Free Fonts, and FontPark.

Professional Logo Designers

Budget permitting, you may still want to contract a professional to design the logo for you. If that is the case, then check out the following resources: – Great community of creatives in all fields of design. – A great site to view portfolios of designers.

Mintees – A t-shirt design community.

Envato Studio – Full of handpicked designers and developers.

Dribbble – An awesome design community worth checking out.

Shopify Experts – Small design agencies and designers.


In the past it was true that only professional logos could be designed by professional designers, but that is not the case anymore as you have a wide variety of design options to choose from at very affordable prices. With some logo generators even free to use, there should be no excuse for your brand and website to have a quality logo which will attract customers.