7 Awesome Content Sources That Take the Stress out of Social Media Sharing

Aside from the products that you sell, sharing great content on your social media platforms is the second most important thing which you can do for your business. Not only does this create value for the people outside of the products that you sell, but it also gives people a strong reason to stay connected with you, to follow you, and to provide them with a way to keep in touch over a long period of time.

The key to sharing great content, is to share media which promotes a lifestyle around the products or services that you sell. It goes beyond sharing plain pictures of the product, and instead shows your audience what your product can create for them. For example, if you have seen a cologne advertisement you know exactly what I am talking about. If you are selling shoes, show your audience the sports or fashion lifestyle around those shoes. If you are selling watches, show your audience that it gives them the opportunity to share time with other people.

But the biggest question is, how do we keep our social media accounts filled with such compelling content all of the time? I am sure that most of us are quite limited with our time and resources and do not have all day to spend sifting through Google Images looking for the best photo, so instead, lets have a look at 7 awesome tools which you can use for social media sharing.



In the opinion of many, BuzzSumo is considered the best tool available which will provide you with high-quality content consistently. Basically, it allows you to search using keywords for relevant content and then gives you the results of the most popular and widely shared content available. Not only does it search through the highest ranked content on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+, but it also allows you to filter your search by media type (photos, audio, videos, etc). Just make sure that you share platform-relevant content. For example, if your customers are active only on Twitter most of the time, it is not worth while sharing popular content from Pinterest.



Reddit considers itself the “front page of the internet”, and for good reason. Reddit is home to the internet’s most interesting and popular content, videos, images and whatever is most popular at any given time. What makes the platform so unique, is its “sub-reddits”, which are subcategories specifically given to certain interests and topics. For example, if your brand revolves around shoes it would be /r/shoes. For shirts, it would be /r/shirts. Each sub-reddit normally has more specific sub-categories within these which is a great opportunity for you to also to be able to find niche content within categories.



Feedly pulls information from blogs and top news content from Google News using an RSS feed. It is also incredibly simply to use – all you have to do is type in your keywords and Feedly will then pull the most popular and relevant content for you to add to your own RSS feed or social media accounts. Definitely a major time-saver.



Topsy is very similar to BuzzSumo, and allows you to find the most popular content on Twitter. Not only can you search using relevant keywords across the platform, but you can also sort the tweets of the influencers of the content, which gives you a perfect opportunity to directly network with major industry-relevant brands and sources.


Medium Collections

If you want access to a lot of high-quality content which has been written by both industry experts and everyday bloggers, then Medium is for you. It is a free blogging platform which allows you to search for the most interesting, most popular, and most relevant content for your social media account.


Content Gems

This is one of my favourite tools, as it will do all of the work for you whilst you focus on other tasks. What is does is basically reviews over 200,000 news sources, blogs and social media accounts for relevant content, and then sends you the best daily content in an email for you to read. It also allows you to share content directly from the email or the dashboard. Definitely worth checking out.



Similar to Reddit in that major categories are divided into smaller sub-categories. I had to include it in this list as it is still worth checking out. Also a great source for niche content within major topics.


Scheduling Your Social Media Accounts

Now that we have had a look over 7 of the greatest tools for providing you with awesome content for your social media accounts, it is important to mention that great content is only one part of the equation. You also need to be sharing this content at peak times when it is most likely to be read by your customers and potential followers. A great tool for this is Buffer, which will manage your social media campaigns across Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.



So there you have it – 7 awesome tools which you can use for finding quality content for your social media accounts. I recommend that you now go and spend some time looking over these tools and setting up accounts with them. It is also a good idea to spend maybe half-an-hour each morning refining your keywords or search terms to ensure that you always have access to the most relevant and quality content.

Always remember though, these tools are not designed to take you out of the picture with managing your accounts – the key to real and proper engagement still has to come from you physically engaging with your audience. Try and spend some time following your customers or responding to their comments. The key to any successful business is built upon the foundations of relationships, and this is a great way to start.