Starting a business is the easy part, but where most people get stuck is finding products to sell. It is important to be unique in a very competitive market, and to also sell products that people actually want. But how can you know what products to sell that people are looking for the most right now?

Google Trends Should Be Your New Best Friend

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Google Trends will show you the total search volume of your product ideas since 2004. What makes it even more useful, is that the tool will also show you the countries and cities that these searches are coming from.

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Get Yourself A Subscription To Trend Publications

Trend Publications has to be the best place to start your trending search. Although this may not give you direct and exact product ideas, it will assist you in be able to predict the directions that consumers are heading so that you will be able to be in the market at the exactly right time.

Some examples of some pretty good trend publications are as follows –

PSFK – Great list of trending reports which will make things easier for you.

Cool Hunting – An award-winning publication which will identify the latest trends in art and culture, technology, design, style and travel.

The Cool Hunter – Ideal for entrepreneurs and the innovative and creative minded.

UberCool – A vast source of information and product ideas.

Trend Watching – An awesome tool which identifies upcoming consumer trends.

Trend HunterProbably the largest trend community and a powerful source of inspiration for the budding entrepreneur.

Springwise – Their mission statement is to provide three new business ideas everyday. Free to search the last 30 days, but you will need to subscribe should you want to look any further.

Springwise AccessThe subscription-based package of the above, starting from $49/month. You will be able to unlock the entire database of unique product ideas since the companies inception.

Become Familiar With Product Review Blogs

The first place you should look at when brainstorming new product ideas to sell online, as you will have access to information of what is trending now – quite often your imagination will create a new idea just by being inspired by others.

Some great places to start include:





Bless This Stuff

Gear Patrol

Cool Material

Gear Moose



The above list should be a part of your morning reading schedule, but if you are looking for something more specific, check out the following:

Canopy – identifies the most popular and lasting products from Amazon. – Curated by AliExpress and similar to Canopy, in that the products are identified for you instead of you having to search for them.

Social Image Sharing Networks

If you are more of a visually-minded person, then you should definitely check out social image sharing sites. Because you will be looking at so many images at once, your time will be well managed, making it a very efficient way to research.

Some examples of social image sharing networks include:

Pinterest – With over 50 million monthly users, you are sure to find that creative spark.

Polyvore – Access to over 80 million collage-like “sets” of images. Make sure that you also check out the Top Trends page for the latest trends.

Fancy – Full of ideas, Fancy describes itself as part store, part magazine, and part wish list.

Wanelo – Stands for “Want, Need, Love” and brings together stores and products, similar to Pinterest.

Instagram – This list would not be complete without Instagram: the largest image-sharing website on Earth.

Business-To-Business Marketplaces

B2B Marketplaces are like striking gold, because not only can you find awesome products and ideas, but you can also find suppliers to source those products for you at the same time. An example is Alibaba, which is larger than Amazon and eBay combined, and connects you with suppliers from all over the world, although most originate in Asia. You have got to find something from its hundreds and hundreds of thousands of products.

Consumer Marketplaces

Unlike business-to-business marketplaces, consumer marketplaces are for the consumer to find and purchase products. Places like eBay and Amazon are perfect examples, but most people do not know that you are able to look at the trending products from these pages.

On the eBay website, you can check out eBay Popular and eBay Watch Count to show you both the most popular products, and the most popular items which people are “watching”.

On Amazon, you can check out Amazon Bestsellers, updated hourly and shows you the most popular products based on sales, or Amazon Movers and Shakers, also updated hourly, which shows you the most popular gains in the last 24 hours.

Etsy, AliExpress, and Storenvy also all have trending pages worth checking out.

Social Forums

Reddit is the most popular social forum which describes itself as the “front page of the internet”. What makes it so unique and powerful to the aspiring entrepreneur is its subcategories called “subreddits”, which are niche specific and each cater to different areas of interest. There is a tremendous wealth of information if you know where to look within these smaller categories. For example:

Buy It For Life – a subreddit which focuses only on products which last a lifetime.

Shut Up And Take My Money – products that people want right now.

Reddit is also a great tool when it comes to deciphering the massive Amazon marketplace. Check out these subreddits:

The Best of Amazon

The Best of Amazon Canada

The Best of Amazon UK

Cheap Stuff on Amazon

Find It On Amazon

It can also be of great use to you to look at threads where people are being very specific about what they want. Check out:

Reddit, What is One Product Under $20 That You Recommend Everyone To Buy?

What $100 Item Has The Single Greatest Ability to Increase Quality of Life?

Import Products That Are Trending

Duty Calculator Trending Import Products will allow you, acting as an importer, to work out what duty you will have to pay on the imported products. But, is will also allow you to see what is currently trending based on the import and export markets of different countries. For example, you can see what products are being imported from Canada to Australia, or from China to Vietnam. Used in conjunction with AliBaba, you could be a new driving force in the online marketplace.

Where To Look For Product Ideas