How Great Customer Service Turns First-time Shoppers into Lifetime Fans

Once your business is up and running and you have spent a large amount of time and money bringing customers into your business, it will be time for you to start focusing on keeping those customers with your business. But how can we try to ensure that our customers remain that loyal to our brand?

I had a look at a thread on Reddit titled “What company has forever won your business”, and found a large discussion group of Redditors sharing thousands of stories about what their favourite brands and businesses have done in order to win them over. What seems to be the largest driving factor at the core of these stories was great customer service.

I want to show you five ways that you can offer your customers great customer service and make them customers for life.


Honesty And Integrity

The Redditor /u/MattAlbie6‘s mechanic won his loyalty by breaking his car:

“He broke something on my car once on accident that wasn’t a big deal and I never, ever, ever would have noticed on my own, but he replaced it on his own dime for like $300. It was a button or switch or something. He could have kept his mouth shut and I’d have never known about it, but he’s a solid guy and was honest”.

What is important here for you to take out of this story is to be honest with your customers. Do not lie to them and do not make promises that you can’t deliver or can only half-meet. The foundations of trust are built upon the principles of honesty and integrity, so try and incorporate both into every encounter with your customers.


Always Reward You Customer’s For Their Loyalty

The Redditor /u/PainkillerSC became a “customer for life” with Logitech:

“Gave me 50% off a 300€ G27 Steering wheel after i told them my EIGHT year old, 6 year out-of-warranty MOMO wheel was dying. Gave me 50% off a G400 when i told them my 7 year old MX518’s scroll wheel was dying. And then gave me a new one free without even asking for the broken one back when the scroll wheel stopped working for some reason”

It is important that your reward your customers for being loyal to your brand and it’s products. This may not always mean that you have to offer them discounts if you cannot afford to, so think of some other ways that you can say “thank you” to your customers for staying with you and your brand.


Never Under-Deliver

The Redditor /u/i-n-joyfilm goes out of his way to stay loyal to his deli:

“There is this deli I rarely go to since it is in the opposite part of town, but if I’m in the area, I make sure to stop by and get a chicken gyro. They ask how much chicken you want in it, and stop only when you say so”.

The lesson here is that you should always try to over-deliver and exceed your customer’s expectations. This creates a unique and very rewarding experience for your customers which will not only mean that they will spend more money, but will also be telling their friends and family all about their amazing experiences – leading into potentially more customers through the free power of word-of-mouth.


Engage With Your Customers Often

The Redditor /u/CharlieBuck loves mollusc-inspired gaming accessories:

“Squidgrip. It’s a wrap you put on your Xbox or ps3 controllers. It’s designed to eliminate sweating. The company is extremely customer oriented and very friendly. They do giveaways all the time and interact with their customers/fans through social media like Twitter. You can tell they care about the consumer”.

Maintaining a strong presence on social media is a very powerful way for your customers to feel welcome and needed – as if they are a part of your business more than being just customers. A very good strategy is to actually respond to the posts that your customers are sharing with you, remembering that the key to any successful business is to build lasting relationships with your customers.


Always Be Consistent

The Redditor /u/Hoodafakizit is very blunt with what he wants:

“No company will forever win my business. They need to earn it and keep earning it. I want good quality product, good quality service and a company that treats its employees and local environment properly. As long as they keep doing this, I’ll be a very faithful customer; if they make a change for the worse, then it’s goodbye”.

You should always remember that most customers are not going to become loyal exclusive to your business straight away. Like any other aspect of building a relationship with somebody, you must lay down the foundations of loyalty and integrity, exceeding the customers expectations consistently, before they will trust you enough to become loyal only to your brand.


It will take some time, but follow these five simple strategies, and the reward will be well worth it.