How To Use Periscope To Grow Your Ecommerce Business

Twitter has recently purchased Periscope which means that we have seen a sudden increase of business owners looking for the best possible ways to take advantage of this new platform. But what exactly is it? Periscope, available for both iOS and Android, basically allows you to live stream videos to both your followers on Twitter, and complete strangers. Viewers can comment on the video live – making it a complete interactive experience, and an awesome way to be able to connect directly with your customers, and potential customers.


What Advantage Do I Get From Live-Streaming?

Look at the sheer levels of success that people have found on YouTube. Subscribers nearing 10 million, more than 1 billion views (or 2 billion if you watched PSY’s Gangnam Style), and you start to see at what I am getting at. Although live-streaming is definitely not new, the concept of linking it with an ecommerce platform is. Many YouTuber’s are expanding their online businesses by selling products to their audience to maximise their revenue potentials, and Periscope allows you to capitalise on this concept but to a greater extent.

Imagine having an avid audience watching you as you walk into a product convention, pick up a brand-new product, and review it live on air? Customers could be asking you live questions like “how does it feel?”, “what is its weight”, and so on. In essence, the customers are also “hands-on” with the product. This level of interaction takes relationship building to a whole-new level.


What You Should Do Right Now!

Before this tool takes the world by storm, you should integrate it into your Twitter feed and business right now! I mean it. Those who take advantage of this as soon as possible, will be able to put themselves at a very strong advantage over their competitors.

6 Ways That Periscope Can Be Used To Boost Your Ecommerce Business


Q&A Session

Before jumping straight into product reviews, you should host a Q&A Session in order to initially connect with your followers and ask them exactly what it is that they would like to see. They can also ask you questions, and the foundations of a strong relationship with your customers can be formed.


Take Your Customers Behind The Scenes

Show your customers what actually goes on behind the scenes of your business. Not only does this allow you to build upon the foundations of trust and transparency, but it also shows your customers just how dedicated you are to getting it right for them.


Product Reviews and Demonstrations

As discussed at the start of this post, live product reviews where your customer gets to see a brand-new product before it is even released to the market has stunning appeal to them. You might also want to consider showing them the new products that you are about to release in order to make them hungry enough to want to buy them.


Create a Personalised Customer Experience

Imagine the relationships that you could build with your customers by having private and exclusive 1-on-1 sessions with them. Live customer support that actually has a face instead of a phone receiver or text box! If a customer is having any problems using a product, you can give them a demonstration live and show them what they should be doing.


Sell the LifeStyle of Your Brand

As we know, a brand is more than its products – it is also the lifestyle that it can bring. For example, if your business is selling tennis racquets, take your customers with you (via Periscope) to the US Grand Slam, or, if your business is selling party hats, take them with you to a party in Las Vegas. Make them hungry for the lifestyle that your products can bring, and watch your sales figures skyrocket.


Live Events

Create seminars and conferences where customers can tune in and receive the latest information from you as it is released. Consider this a sort of live blog where you may even consider rewarding your customers for their time by offering a discount code valid for only 2 hours after the seminar ends. A great way to have more people tune into your events, and have both you and your customers rewarded as a result.


Proper Etiquette To Consider

Just like any customer interaction, you should always consider using proper etiquette when greeting them. Don’t ignore their questions, don’t give answers to things that you don’t really have an answer for (honesty is a very powerful tool) – I don’t really think that I need to discuss much more, as etiquette is a pretty standard thing that you should all be quite familiar with.

One thing I will say though, is make sure that you build anticipation to your streams by advertising them a few days earlier, and perhaps use hashtags to make both your stream and your business more findable on Twitter (especially to new customers). Consider things like:






Get Out There

In closing, I really hope that this information will help you succeed dramatically in your business. As inspiration, I want you to check out these guys who have all incorporated Periscope into their accounts with great success:


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