Brands do not only represent the products that they sell. They also represent a certain lifestyle around their products, and this lifestyle is the message that you should be trying to convey to your audience. Your look book will show your audience what your brand is all about, and remains one of the most important marketing tools for your brand. It is also usually provided to stores with your line sheet. Creating a look book can be a fun and creative process, but I have a few tips to make the whole process a little easier.


Always Hire A Professional Photographer


It seems that these days, everybody knows somebody who is a photographer, especially given the enormous success of Instagram. But what you should be asking, is if they have any experience in shooting fashion. Not only this, but the photographer should also be able to visually represent the message that your brand is trying to convey, and know all about set-placement and allowing the scene and emotion to literally jump off of the page and directly connect with the audience.

Spend Time Choosing The Perfect Models

Don’t ever use a model for the sake of having access to that model. The model in your photographs should also be representing the brand that you are conveying. If your brand is all about being powerful and sporty, you should not use a nerdy-looking girl or guy, unless your photographer is able to create some sort of awesome convention-breaking scene which will send your brand viral.


Don’t Rush The Shoot And Production Process


Don’t even bother starting the look book until you are certain that you are able to devote enough time in order to complete it. Nothing is more obvious than something that has been rushed and done with half of the potential (or less!) of what it could have been done with. Also, make sure that you plan each step so you are well prepared with a schedule, and know exactly what to do should something go wrong.


Find The Perfect Location


Since look books are normally created up to a season in advance, finding the right location to represent that season is a must. For example, if you are based in New York in winter and are planning on shooting a summer collection, you might need to travel somewhere warm to make the perfect shot, or consider having your photographer find somewhere indoors which may have the right effect that you are looking for.


The Shoots Are About Your Products Too!

Shooting for a look book can be a very fun and exciting experience, but at the end of the day, we are trying to design something which will be a platform for our products to be sold. Creating awesome sets and sourcing the hottest models can be a very alluring aspect of look book design, but don’t get caught up in the moment, finish the shoot, get home – only to find that the photos are more about the scenes or models rather than the clothes themselves! You need to find a good balance where the model and the clothes become the brand, rather than having each overpower the other.


Seek Help If Needed

Branded Baron Royal Rebellion Collection look book

Asking for assistance is something that we don’t enjoy, but sometimes we aren’t as capable as we think in managing so many aspects at once. Don’t discount the power of help. Maybe you need someone to help styling the model while you focus on the set, or simply have a second or third opinion of what looks good or what does not match.


Your Brand Is A Lifestyle

The most important tip that I can give you when designing a look book is to remember that your brand is not only the products that it sells – it is also the lifestyle that exists around those products. When shooting your look book, remember that you should be finding a balance between them so that you are able to showcase both simultaneously and to great effect.