How To Generate The Perfect Logo

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In this blog post, I really want to show you the ten best logo generators, templates and makers which will greatly assist you in designing and creating your next logo.

The Importance of Logos

Customers are a lot smarter than they were five years ago when they search online. It is no longer possible for businesses to use SEO keywords in their URL to try and rank at the top of the list of search engine results (i.e., as their attempts will be ignored by the search engine. This is why you must develop a strong brand presence, as customers are now very discerning when it comes to the websites which they choose to visit.

Even though a logo is such a small part of the overall brand, it is the first thing which people see and can ultimately be the deciding factor as to whether or not those people become your customers or even visit your website. The logo alone may not win you sales (you also have to be providing the right product and service to win their trust), but since everybody will see this logo wherever your business goes, you should make sure that it makes a powerful statement.

It was not that long ago that in order to design a logo you had to either make it yourself through very basic clip-art images, or spend several thousand dollars for a professional designer to make one for you. Luckily these days logo design is very affordable, and you have plenty of options to choose from.

I want to show you ten affordable logo generators which I spent around ten minutes on each in order to develop a logo for my website.

Ten Affordable Logo Generators

Creative Market ($5 to $20)

Creative Market has an awesome selection of themes, graphics, photos, fonts and templates, and is generally my “go to” place for top quality designs. It is also my favorite resource for logo templates which are priced from only $5. The only thing that you will need though is Adobe Illustrator to customize the logo templates. To get started, simply search Creative Market for “Logo Template”.

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Tailor Brands Logo Generator (Low-Res: FREE / High-Res: $24 to $99)

What makes Tailor so unique is that it will ask you several questions about both your brand and your preference of style before generating six logos for you to select and customize. If you click the back button, it will generate another six logos for you. Tailor is probably in the top three logo generators on the market as the logos which it generates are customized to your needs before you need to adjust or edit them.

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Withoomph (To Make: FREE / High-Res: $39 to $78)

This is a very simple online logo generator. All you need to do is enter the name of your business and a few keywords and Withoomph will generate dozens of logos for you.

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Hipster Logo Generator (Low-Res: FREE / High-Res: $5)

This logo generator is definitely not for everyone as it caters mostly to the hipster scene, but it is still able to produce some awesome designs.

Squarespace Logo Generator (To Make: FREE / High-Res: $10)

If you have the time to play around with a logo generator, then Squarespace is definitely for you. And $10 is not that bad of a price either for a quality design.

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GraphicSprings Logo Maker (To Make: FREE / To Buy: $39)

This logo generator is a little hit and miss for me. A lot of work has gone into their beautiful web interface, but unfortunately not in the actual design of the logos.

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Logaster (Low-Res: FREE / High-Res:$10)

If you want a quick logo designed for only $10, then Logaster is for you. However, the designs can be a little boring and generic.

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Logoshi (To Make: FREE / High-Res: $5)

If you have an idea for a logo sketched out, but do not know where to take it from there, then you should check out Logoshi. You simply draw a quick scribble or sketch into the interface and it will create a geometric logo based from your design. You may need to play around a little bit to get the design right though.

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Fiverr (from $5)

Fiverr is an awesome marketplace where you can get in touch with freelancers who will design things for you for $5 (well, in some cases $5 is the starting price). Make sure that you look for designers who have a portfolio on display so you can match with the designer who can design whats best for you. At the end of the day, you are only risking $5 should the design not work out.


A lot of logos in the marketplace are simply what we can call “wordmarks” rather than “logos” because they are simply a type of designer font rather than an image. I think that they work quite well, and many successful brands have used them to great success.


Most fonts are free, however you can look to spend anywhere from $10 and more than $100 for fonts of a higher caliber and allow a degree of customization in their design.

Creative Market has a great selection of paid fonts, but if you are looking for something free, check out: Font Squirrel, DaFont, 1001 Free Fonts, and FontPark.

Professional Logo Designers

Budget permitting, you may still want to contract a professional to design the logo for you. If that is the case, then check out the following resources: – Great community of creatives in all fields of design. – A great site to view portfolios of designers.

Mintees – A t-shirt design community.

Envato Studio – Full of handpicked designers and developers.

Dribbble – An awesome design community worth checking out.

Shopify Experts – Small design agencies and designers.


In the past it was true that only professional logos could be designed by professional designers, but that is not the case anymore as you have a wide variety of design options to choose from at very affordable prices. With some logo generators even free to use, there should be no excuse for your brand and website to have a quality logo which will attract customers.