The launch stage of your business is one of the most important stages for your business. Launch successfully, and you will ensure a strong degree of success, but fail to plan right, and you may struggle sharing your business with the world. Let’s have a look at the major steps required when launching your business online.


The Landing Page

Think about when a movie is about to be released. Generally, a simple one-page website is released to promote the film. The purpose of this is to generate credibility, start build a desire and anticipation amongst your customers, gives a location for your customers to come back for more information after the movie has been released, and can capture contact information from people who want to stay “in-the-loop” of the latest news released. The same rules apply for our business. Three landing page creators which stand out for you to use in order to create a great landing page include:

Launchrock (FREE) – easy to use with several templates ready to incorporate onto your website, but can be rather limited in options for customization if you do not know how to edit CSS.

Strikingly ($18 per month) – very easy to use and offers a FREE 14 day trial. There is a free option for life, but you will be stuck with Strikingly branding. Best to pay the $18 in my opinion.

Unbounce ($49 per month) – the leading landing-page creator with heaps of functionality, options and templates. This should be your “go-to” generator. Definitely worth the $49 per month.

Whilst we are creating our landing page, we should also consider the following design elements:


Eye-catching image

Elevator Pitch

Lead Capture

Social Channels

An example which uses all of the above in a simple and easy-to-use format is as follows:

Finch Goods Co. Landing Page - How to launch a business


Using Social Media

Once your landing page has been created and has gone live, you should consider building a strong social media presence at the same time which will greatly assist you in driving traffic to your site and spreading the news in the greater networks of your followers. Make sure that you use a consistent design theme between your website and social media accounts. For example:


Finch Goods Co. Facebook Page Set Up - How to launch a business


Finch Goods Co. Twitter Account - How to launch a business


Finch Goods Co. Instagram Setup - How to launch a business

But before you start making accounts on these social media platforms, you should use KnowEm, which will show you whether or not the name you are planning to use is available on all three social media networks. You really want to avoid the problem of having different names on each which will only create confusion and potentially a lack of trust between your customers.


Building A Social Network

Building a strong social media presence can be difficult for some, especially when starting out. Most people will only like or follow and account if it already has a large following, so how do we build this following? There are a few ways. The first can be to identify your competitors and then reach out to their customers of whom will be interested in what you have to offer. Alternatively, you can consider using a service like Fiverr to purchase friends. For $5 you can potentially purchase several hundred to tens of thousands of followers. Although fake, the message will be conveyed that your business or brand is popular and can be trusted, which will ultimately bring in “real” customers of whom you can interact and engage with.


Apps For Building A Social Media Network

There are 3 great tools which you should check out when building your social media network:

Hootsuite (FREE) – allows you to manage multiple accounts, identify the popularity of hashtags and keywords, and allows you to schedule posts. This tool is a must if you are trying to manage several social media accounts at once.

Buffer App (FREE) – allows you to schedule tweets and does a much better job than Hootsuite.

JustUnfollow ($9.99 per month) – awesome for building your Twitter and Instagram networks. Allows you to copy the followers from your competition and see who of these are not following you back. By seeing who is not following you, you can reach out to them in order to build your social media network.


Always Ask For Feedback!

The key to a successful business is to always make sure that you are adjusting and redeveloping all areas of your business in order to keep the customer happy. If you are starting to notice certain area’s of your brand that is not doing as well as others, determine if it is worthwhile to devote any more time on it, or redevelop it and measure the new results. A lot will be trial and error until everything runs smoothly, but always listen to what your customers are saying. The most successful brands and businesses out there will always continue to evolve in order to keep up with and satisfy the ever changing demands of the consumer.