You are finally ready to market your brand to stores for them to stock and sell your products. Just know the most stores will not even make you a consideration unless you present them with a line sheet, which is basically a catalogue of your products with pricing information, minimum orders, delivery schedules, contact information, and so on. I want to show you the most important things that every successful line sheet should have.


Contact Information

It is very obvious to include contact information for your company, but you would be surprised as to how often it is forgotten. Just make sure that it is easy to read and easy to find so that the buyer can contact you if they are interested.


Images Of Your Products

Believe it or not, these images do not even need to be in high-quality – some of the biggest major brands present their lines in simple line drawings or vector art.


Pricing Information

There are two types of pricing information that you should provide on your line sheet – wholesale and retail. Wholesale pricing is how much the store is going to buy your products for, and retail is how much they will sell the products for in their stores (determined by you).


Clothing Information

Your line sheet should have specific information of your clothing, such as the type of fabric used, how many colours, any special inks, and so on. If your clothes come in only certain or a limited number of sizes or colours, make sure that you also include this information.


Deadlines For Ordering

The store, which becomes your “customer”, needs to know the latest times that they are able to make an order in order to receive it by a certain date. Normally, you will have specific delivery schedules which may mean that if the store has not put in their order for this delivery run, they may need to wait until the next. This is because we are dealing with bulk products which have time and cost restraints on them which need to be taken into account.


Minimum Order Quantity

Since we ourselves are ordering and printing in bulk in order to capture low overheads, so too must our customers (the stores) be making minimum quantity orders. This simply keeps costs down to a minimum.


Terms And Conditions Of Payment

There are several terms of payment that you may consider. These range from payment upfront, within 30 to 45 days of order, payment on delivery, and so on. The most common is payment within 30 days of order being made and fulfilled.


Order Sheet

The last page of your line sheet will have an actual page for your customer to make their order.


Names and Numbers For Your Styles

Our life becomes much easier when we use numbers to represent our different styles instead of a huge list of words. Not only are they much easier to work with, but no spelling errors can be made for names of styles which may be similar in name.