Whether your business is large or small, I cannot stress the importance of making sure that you have an email list, because they remain one of the most effective ways to bring new customers into your business. Email is still a very powerful tool for marketing, provided that you do it right. But, why is email marketing still as important as it once was? Here are 5 strong reasons why.


Costs Next To Nothing

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I should have probably rephrased that title to “Free”, since when was the last time that you paid to send an email? Okay, sending bulk emails may cost a few cents, so let’s say that it costs nearly nothing to do. What other types of advertising methods could you say cost this much?


More Flexibility Than Social Media

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People are constantly checking their emails, possibly just as much as they are checking their Facebook and Twitter feeds, so why not expose them to seeing your advertisement in their inbox? Just make sure that you include only relevant information, directed at them (or at least in that target audience), to avoid being sent straight to the junk pile.


Reach Customers On The Go

Nearly every single person in the world now has a mobile phone connected to the internet. What does this mean? It means that your potential customers can access their emails directly from their mobile phones. It sounds a bit like Big Brother to say, “there is nowhere that you can hide”.


Speed Of Delivery


Unlike other forms of advertising, email marketing can be completed in a matter of minutes. You literally click a button and everybody in your campaign list is alerted that they have a new email in their inbox. This is compared to something like a newspaper advertisement, where you have to wait for the paper to be printed, delivered, and read before there is any action.


Easy To Track

What is most effective about email marketing, is that you can receive a notification every time that a person opens the email which you sent them. You can also monitor what links they have clicked on in the email, which means that you have great resources available to effectively monitor the effectiveness (at least the viewership) of your campaign, and accurately track conversion rates which can be modified and applied to future campaigns.